The tool for online promotions.
Promote. Yourself. Online.

gwunna. is a concept for a cloud-based system for creating and managing online promotions. A simple structure and a multitude of tools round off the system, enabling effective and time-saving work. Users of the system and participants of the promotions benefit from the ready-made automated workflows. A real win for everyone.

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With the Form Builder tool forms can be put together using the popular drag and drop system. The embed code, which comes directly from the system, automatically integrates the entire form and workflow into the desired website. "Less is more" in the generated markup. The simple code structure simplifies further customization by your own.

The stored and structured data of the participants can be evaluated with the help of the Analysis tool. It is also possible to export the data for an extended analysis.

Using the Winner Finder tool, the winners of a promotion can be random selected automatically. The system can automatically notify winners of their success via Email.